Cheese factory “Generous neighborhood” is a small experimental family production with modern equipment and its own cheese cellar. The company is engaged in the manufacture of traditional and original cheeses, dairy products. The cheese factory is located in a unique place – at the base of one of the famous Trayanovy Val in the village of Tabaki on the outskirts of Bolgrad. Within the framework of the project “The Road of Wine and Taste of Ukrainian Bessarabia”, the founders of the enterprise Galina and Petr Kurdovy aim to preserve and popularize traditional Bessarabian cheeses, restore forgotten recipes.
Excursions to the cheese factory include visits to production workshops and basements where cheeses ripen in the cold. Guests are shown the production process of cheese making, during which all operations are carried out manually. After the tour, guests can be offered a tasting of finished products and master classes on the production of traditional cheeseа.

Degustation of traditional and signature cheeses of 8-10 types (assortment varies depending on the season).
Tasting set:
– Up to 10 types of cheese – 6 types of cheese and 3-4 types of soft cheese;
– fruits, dried fruits, nuts and honey (for each type of cheese we suggest trying with which fruit or honey it is combined);
– a glass of local wine, water.
Duration of tasting – 2 hours.
We conduct a master class “Brynza Bessarabskaya”. Tourists participate in cutting a curd, shape the cheese into molds and after tasting the cheeses, they taste the finished cheese or take it with them. Master class with tasting and excursion takes 3:00 hours.