Tataru Island is located in 9 km from the port “Izmail” and is a regional landscape park of Izmail forestry. The island never ceases to attract tourists and just lovers of outdoor activities with its treasures: floodplain forests, the green path of Oleg Potapov, which has collected in itself unique species of plants listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Another interesting fact is that the island is used for experimental purposes as a habitat for wild white Ascania buffaloes brought to the island at the beginning of this century from the Ukrainian National Reserve “Askania-Nova”.
The recreation center offers a wide range of all kinds of services. Considering the variety of tastes and age categories of our visitors, we will satisfy the desires of even the most demanding guests.

The whole year at your service are comfortable, double, triple and quadruple rooms located in comfortable buildings and wooden cottages. Each room has a cozy atmosphere, upholstered furniture, satellite TV and bathroom.
The housing stock of the recreation center “Danube-Tataru” includes:

  1. two-storey six-bed cottage with a view of the water;
  2. guest house for eight triple rooms with a separate entrance for each and a veranda overlooking the Danube and the reservoir;
  3. a separate building with nine rooms, of which eight are double rooms and one eight-bed room. All rooms with a view of the Danube and the territory of the base;
  4. guest rooms on the motor ship “Lebedevka».

Recreation center “Danube-Tataru” offers a wide range of entertainment:
– billiard club;
– sauna;
– summer cafe.

For lovers of outdoor activities, we offer:
– volleyball court;
– football field;
– table tennis;
– provision of equipment for sports games;
– ATV rental;
– catamarans and kayaks rental.

The recreation center “Danube” includes a playground for our youngest guests:
– trampoline;
– swing;
– sandbox;
– children’s slide.

The detached recreation area is a picturesque corner of green nature, decorated with an artificial fish-filled lake where you can fish. To create more comfort, along the perimeter of the lake there are cozy picnic pavilions with barbecues, where you can have a good time both with your family and with friends..
The recreation center “Danube-Tataru” provides an opportunity for various trips on the comfortable motor ships “Lebedevka”, “Azov” and the pleasure boat “Tataru”, as well as the Trimaran “Bessarabia”.
Here you will taste the real Bessarabian cuisine, for which our region has long been famous. Bessarabian cuisine has absorbed the culinary heritage of all peoples living on its territory. Its peculiarity is the harmonious interweaving of various national cuisines. Here you can find our Ukrainian borscht, Bulgarian kurban, Georgian kebab, Moldavian mamalyga, and of course everyone’s favorite Lipovan`s fish soup. And what about the Danube herring, which is usually salted and is known for its taste far beyond the borders of our region and not only! The abundance of original dishes is well complemented by wonderful and aromatic wine.