Chateau Lacarin located off the road, among the vineyards. This is a small estate founded by the Swiss winemakers of Tsar Alexander II in the 19th century, who in Soviet times became the tractor brigade of the Lenin collective farm. The estate seems to be a refuge of peace, far from worries, where nature wins: horses, goats, sheep graze everywhere, dogs runs, cats bask in the sun. Marianne Lacarin prepares wonderful meals using natural products from her farm. And the winemaker Christophe Lacarin himself, like a true Frenchman, enjoys spending time with guests at the table, talking about life, wine, business. And then he leads them to his huge wine cellar, demonstrating the process of making wine and champagne, carefully making sure that the glasses do not remain empty.

At Chateau Lacarin, tastings and excursions are combined and held outdoors during the warmer months. In the rain and during the cold season – in a spacious salon with a fireplace, decorated with paintings and antique utensils. A variety of wines are provided, accompanied by pate, goat cheese and homemade bread. The salon can accommodate 10 guests + the owner, taking into account the distance (salon-114.5 sq.m). At the tasting, guests are offered to try several types of white, rose and red wines of different years and different production technologies. The Marquis de Lacarin pours as much wine as the tourist asks, but without driving him to a state of intoxication.

After the first tasting and communication with the winemaker himself, Christophe Lacarin, guests go to inspect the vineyard in a VAZ “cabriolet” (if the group is not large) or in a tractor trailer “Belarus”. Upon their return, guests go directly to the wine cellar, where they continue to taste wine directly from the wine tanks, and most importantly, the Marquis de Lacarin tells and shows how he makes champagne brut natural, using the old French technology “Dom Pérignon”, and the guests taste several types of champagne helping the Marquis in the process of “disgorgement”.