Brinzarnia and the eco-hotel “Kuba-Daleko” are located on the territory of the Danube Biosphere Reserve, near the resort area of the village of Primorskoye, near the town of Vilkovo on the canals in the Danube Delta. The complex is part of the culture of multinational Bessarabia, with its love for nature and the ability to enjoy life with all its gifts – the sun, clean air, communication with our “smaller brothers”, and, of course, delicious food.
Brinzarnia has its own goat farm where high-quality feta cheese is produced. The best conditions have been created here for the production of high-quality goat cheese, which is traditional for this area, and for recreation in an ecologically clean place. Goats are kept on free grazing near protected areas with clean air and soils without chemicals.
Brynza is a product that unites local people. It is very useful: it contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus, easily digestible protein and vitamins, while its calorie content is only 260 kcal. The owners constantly experiment with it – they mix it with herbs, soak it in wine.
Every time you get a good product, because the main thing in feta cheese is not additional impurities, but high-quality milk in the base. Tastings take place in the house-museum of Lipovan (Old Believer) life. Tourists will have a short excursion into the history of Bessarabia, a story about the farm and a tour of brynzarnia. After the tasting, guests can purchase local products and souvenirs.
The cuisine of the institution is tasty and varied, just like the ethnic composition of the region: more than 100 different nationalities live in Bessarabia. The owners of the brinzarnia are members of the global slow food movement, which encourages the development of regional cuisines, the use of environmentally friendly local products, and most importantly – treating food as a ritual, when the whole family gathers at the table and all important matters are discussed at lunch.For tasting it is proposed:
– feta cheese: young, soak in wine, pickled;
– greenery;
– canapes with baked pepper, dried feta cheese and spices;
– seasonal canapes with fruits or vegetables and spices based on feta cheese;
– slicing: goat sujuk with Bessarabian spices;
– goat / cow milk: 0.5 cups;
– wine “Novak”: 100 ml;
– distillates: 3-4 types, 15 ml each.
The tasting lasts one hour. Shopping after tasting – 30 minutes.