“The Black Sea Honey and Nut Cluster” is located near the villages of Yaski and Troitskoye near Belyaevka. The core of the cluster is the cooperatives “Black Sea Walnut” and “Black Sea Berries”, which have mixed gardens of 240 hectares, a greenhouse complex and vertical integration from growing seedlings to the production of finished products from walnuts, hazelnuts and rose hips Honey products are produced by “Honey Food” at its own facilities with an area of 6,000 sq. m.
The location is available for visiting by tourist groups with excursions, tastings, as well as the opportunity to become a member of a production cluster and investor in its cooperatives.
For tastings it is proposed:
– milk walnut (seeds soaked in ozonized water, cleared from the shell);
– dry walnut kernels, peeled, with the addition of salt, fructose;
– slices of walnut with honey
– blanched hazelnuts.