The sanatorium is located in a lovely green park in the recreation district of Odesa – 16th station of the Big Fountain, on the first coastline, next to the recently restored waterfront promenade. It’s located right over one of the most developed sandy beaches of Odesa – “Golden coast”.
Truly favorable environmental conditions: extremely successful reconciliation of the sea and steppe climate and warm Black Sea created special popularity of the resort. The climate is seaside with elements of the steppe. The average annual temperature is + 9.7 °С, relative humidity 75%, summer is hot (in July 30 °С), winter is soft (in January – 5 °С). The sea bathing season continue from early May to the end of September.
Medical-psychological rehabilitation is carried out by psychotherapists, psychophysiologists and psychologists.
The therapeutic composition of the sanatorium includes the mud of Kuyalnik balneological spa.
The treatment plan of mud applications help rehabilitate and change reactivity of the whole organism, develop responses with a high level of a physiological function, improve thermoregulation processes, cardiovascular system function, respiratory functions and etc. In the therapeutic building all necessary procedures are carried out, for the treatment of digestive organs, Morshin Mineral Waters № 1 and № 6 and Kujalnik № 6 are used.
After treatment, you can visit the beautiful sandy beach Golden Shore, which is located 50 meters from the sanatorium. On the beach there are very beautiful waterfront, cafe, cozy small restaurants with Odesa and international cuisines, cozy gazebos, children’s playground.
Specialization: cardiovascular system diseases, chronic lung diseases (non-tuberculoses), diseases of urinary system and endocrine system, metabolic disorders, peripheral nervous system and human musculoskeletal system diseases, dentistry.
Procedures: climatotherapy, therapeutic gymnastics, therapeutic diet, Mineral Water therapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, laser therapy, reflexes therapy, inhalations, massage, therapeutic and surgical dentistry.
Accommodation: there are comfortable rooms for 2-4 people with all facilities, all categories of rooms, spacious halls, concert hall for up to 320 people, dance floor and library.