The only resort of the south of Ukraine, which has three own springs of Mineral Waters and located on the very shore of the Black Sea. As one of the oldest Ukrainian resort, Gorkogo Health Resort in Odesa inherited the best experience in balneotherapy and rehabilitation. But sanatorium specialists constantly explore new opportunities of modern medicine. The sanatorium is constantly developing. Each season, new therapeutic programs are provided to guests, and the quality of recreation and service constantly increases.

The resort is located in the park zone of Odesa, on the very shore of the Black Sea. There is a perfect sandy beach with a sloping entrance to the water a hundred meters from Gorkogo Health Resort. And own territory of resort represented by eight hectares of supervised green park.

Guests of Gorkogo Health Resort have the opportunity to drink mineral water every day. Mineral water is drawn to buvette from their own springs. Resort specialists prescribe water intake as part of the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Specialization: diseases of the human digestive system, respiratory system, blood circulation, metabolism, the visual system, human musculoskeletal and nervous system.

Procedures: balneotherapy, mud therapy, massage, physiotherapy, ocular procedures, therapeutic exercise, general procedures, mineral waters «Odeska № 1» and «Odeska № 2».

Accommodation: contemporary and cozy rooms with a view of the sea or the park zone; historic pavilion entirely restored and equipped with everything necessary for comfortable recreation.