The Southern Bug – is one of the largest rivers of Ukraine after the Dnieper and the Dniester. It is a calm, flat river among the lowland. However, in the middle reaches, the Southern Bug flows through granite cracks, the river valley tightens to 200-600 meters, the shores become steep, and thresholds and islands appear. In the Mykolaiv region, down by the river-bend from the city Pervomaisk between the villages Hruschiwka and Mygeya there is one of the best places for rafting on the Southern Bug. This territory is part of the Buzk’s Gard National Nature Park what recognized as one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine. Picturesque places, delusory bends of granite rocks, turbulent water and quiet river bays create an incredible beauty of the landscape – it’s a paradise for photographers, where they can capture every moment.

Rafting on the Southern Bug approaches both for rookies and more advanced hikers. Depending on the water level, the Mygeya rapids are categorized by 2-3 complexity levels. This is enough to get an idea what rafting is and to understand if you will enjoy this kind of rest. You don’t need any special skills and training for rafting here, and all the required equipment are provided to guests.

By the way, at the exit from the village of Mygeya there is an human-made downhill, where a very beautiful lake with the purest turquoise water was formed, and in which it`s absolutely necessary to swim.

At the upper point of the downhill, at the Radon Lake bay is a three hundred meter trolley created. 15 seconds of very slow flow and then a crazy splash of adrenaline guaranteed.