Welcome to a fascinating tour of the colorful outskirts of our amazing city!
We will make a local history trip, during which:
→see the famous Skodova Mountain*, climb to its top and go along the plateau, enjoying a fantastic panorama,
find out where was mined the shell rock for the famous Potemkin Stairs,
→visit the ancient Cossack cemetery, which is much older than Odessa itself,
→take a walk along the colorful streets of Slobodka – one of the oldest districts of our city; around us, there will be a green sea of reed jungle, through which we will pass on the legendary “reed” 20th tram, will talk about history and cinema,
→learn about cave houses on the mountain,
→visit the park, which was broken back in the days of the Ottoman Empire,
→and, of course, we will see the vast expanse of the Hadzhibey estuary and its famous dam!

Let’s discover for yourself this amazing corner of old Odessa!

*This “mountain” is located on the border of Peresyp and Slobodka. In its center passes the street of the same name – Shkodova Gora. According to legend, it received such a name thanks to the Cossacks, since they often had some kind of “Shkoda” during their movement along it, for example, a wagon broke. According to other sources, the name appeared due to the poor quality of the local road. In addition, under the mountain there is an old Cossack cemetery, founded in 1775.


EXCURSION TIME – up to 5 hours

COST OF EXCURSIONS – 1300 UAH per excursion (regardless of the number of people)

pre-registration for the hike – excursion by phone (messengers):

Meeting place – the final stop of tram number 20 (Balkovskaya St., Kherson Square)

Start time – 10.00

This type of recreation is suitable for all age groups: for adults, for children, as well as for family active pastime


What to wear: outerwear must be long-sleeved, lower – trousers, sweatpants (SHORTS – STRICTLY EXCLUDED!), Shoes – closed, sporty.

What bring with you: water, food (the program provides for a halt during where you can eat), insect repellent, money for travel by tram. Those who suffer from chronic heart diseases, but allowing such pastime, take the appropriate medicines.