Most of the buildings were built between the 19th and 20th centuries and embraced all the mankind’s greatest architectural achievements.
The street attracts its proximity to the sea. After the tour, you can easily return to the central street of our city or go down to Zhvanetsky Boulevard and admire the panorama of the port. However, Sofievskaya isn’t famous   only for  the architectural decorations.
During a stroll through Sofievska street you will learn about the life and activities of many famous personalities. Almost everyone will find for themselves a biography of someone that will be somewhat but related to his profession. A scientist or teacher can listen about their colleagues of the past time; the artists will be able to listen to the biographies of famous artists.

During our excursion you will find out:

• Where were located the predecessors of the modern Medin;

• About the history of one of the largest shipping companies in the world;

• Where were living the famous inventor Nudelman and mathematician Lyapunov;

• How the famous artists Vrubel and Serov are connected with Odesa;

• What house appears in the works of I.E.BABEL.

Do you think it`s all? Of course not! There are more than thirty houses on the street, and almost in each of them someone had lived or some interesting events from the past in the city’s life was happen (for example, the telephone station). And all these stories against the background of vivid architecture!