In Odessa, there are many beautiful streets. Everyone knows about Pushkinskaya, Rishelievskaya, and, of course, on the Deribasovskaya. However, there are not so busy street in Odessa. but no less interesting and beautiful.

One of them – Marazlievskaya. Despite its small size, it is – a kind of open-air museum. On the street, numerous interesting buildings. Many of them lived the famous and interesting personalities who left a bright trace in the history of our city. Marazlievskaya still good its slowness and silence. Unlike Pushkinskaya or Rishelievskaya, you can not only see but also to hear all the information, and it, believe me, is very interesting.

During our tour you will learn:

  • Where is the famous Kuprin stop, and where was gone for three days;
  • Those who defended the thesis famous academician Filatov;
  • Where the famous Alexei Tolstoy read his poems;
  • Who was the godmother Anna Akhmatova;
  • Where to live semi-legendary man-wolf;
  • About Marazli, after whom the street is named;
  •  And, of course, you will see the building, which houses the residence of the most unusual World Club of Odessans!