It is small and is located away from tourist routes. However, the street is full of houses with an interesting history. In many of them lived famous people who left a bright trace in the history of the city and the country.
In this excursion you will not know about the architectural techniques for the construction of buildings, various orders, etc. Let’s leave it for specialists in this difficult, but such a beautiful and noble sphere. Our task is another – to introduce you with interesting buildings and their famous inhabitants on this street.

In our walk you will know:

♦ in honor of whom the street is named;

♦ which educational institutions start and finish the street;

♦ where there was a large concentration of Ukrainian culture in our city;

♦Who built the house for himself;

♦ where the famous Stolyarsky get his musical education;

♦ who made a breakthrough in medicine and invented vaccines against plague and cholera;

♦ and much, much more.

You see: at first glance, a small street, but contains so many details related not even to the history of the country, but to the general course of world history.

And so – let’s go, towards the history!