Officially it was founded in 1875 and was called Aleksandrovsky. In the park there was preserved an oak, which was planted by the Emperor Alexander II himself. However, the development of this territory as the park began long before this significant event.

The tour will take place through one of the oldest parks of our city. We will learn not only the history of the park and interesting objects, but we will just make a quiet leisurely walk. The park named after T.G. Shevchenko is not just a monument of landscape art with various avenues and trees. In it – a lot of interesting places with a rich history.

During our excursion you will learn:

  • Who is Langeron and where is his dacha;
  • Where was Odessa fortress and why in Odessa there was a quarantine zone:
  • Where is the famous A.S. Pushkin could have been killed by ordinary soldiers;
  • About the alley of Glory and the defense of the city during the Second World War;
  • What was the first name of the park and why;
  • A little bit about the history of the Odessa trams;
  • A little bit about the history of medieval genres;
  • What does Emperor Alexander have to do with the park?
  • About celebrities of the past, who performed at the Green Theater;
  • About pride of sports Odessa – stadium
  • And many other stories.

The park is an integral part of the city, and was so even before its official birth. There were many celebrities who left a bright mark in history. What about we will tell you during our walk in the park