Odesa is a tolerant and multinational city. During its time its history was known by the presence of many nations and nationalities. They all lived in peace and engaged in one thing – the construction and development of a young city on the Black Sea coast.
One of the nations that made a significant contribution to the development of Odesa, were Ukrainians. Not many people know that Ukrainian was widely distributed in our city, and that the Ems Ukaz did not apply to Odesa, that’s mean that anyone in our city could write in Ukrainian. Also, the Ukrainian language was popular among a large number of inhabitants of the city.
oday, when we build a nation of nationally conscious citizens of our country, “Odesa – is a Ukrainian city” is not just a cognitive excursion, but also another proof of the bright development of Ukrainian nation in, perhaps, the traditional Russian-speaking south of our country.
This excursion will be useful not only for schoolchildren, but also for anyone who wants to learn the history of breakthrough moments in the Ukrainian culture of the 19th century, that took place in Ukraine, which was under the control of the Russian Empire.
During our excursion you will find out:
• Which of the Ukrainians can be considered like the first Odesa citizens;
• Where was the first “Prosvita” in Dnieper Ukraine;
• Where were the first lectures about the history of Ukraine;
• Where Lesya Ukrainka was staying;
But also many other interesting details about the development of Ukrainian culture in our city.
The Odesa-Ukrainian city tour, first of all, breaks the stereotypes that have traditionally developed in the views on the cultural and national development of Odesa’s history and is dedicated to the contribution of our ancestors to the development of the city, Ukrainian culture and Ukrainians in our city.