It’s not a secret to anyone that Odesa is a multinational city in the past, present and, undoubtedly, in the future. Representatives of different nationalities, who, for various reasons and at different stages of the development of history, joined the multinational conglomerate of a rapidly growing city, brought their identity, traditions and, thus, formed the special environment, which from the very beginning was famous for Odesa.
During our excursion, you will learn:
→What was the real name of the creator of Soviet jazz;
→How the representatives of the Bulgarian nation fell in our region;
→About famous representatives of Russian culture and history related to the city;
→About the Polish part of the population of Odesa;
→About the contribution of Ukrainians to the history of the city development, and who from the famous compatriots lived in Odesa
→About the history of the Greeks in Odesa;
→Of course, about the Jews;
→What contribution to the development of the city and the region have made the Germans;
→Who are arnauts;
→You will see the Jewish street of our city;
→nd also learn about Italians, French, Spanish and many other nations, whose glorious representatives make the honor of the city.
Want to know how the Odesa`s “melting pot of nations” was formed, in which the famous Odesa` color was “cooked”? Then this excursion is for you.