You will see places that are connected with the most famous representatives of Jewish nationality, who were born, lived and stayed in our city. The history of Jewish Odessa is not limited only to colorful  phrases, funny stories and anecdotes. It is much more versatile than anyone can imagine. Among the Jewish representatives of our city were not only bankers and merchants, but also well-known writers, actors, scientists, etc.

On the 200th anniversary of Odessa in Jerusalem was published the collection “From the history of Jewish Odessa”, the names of I. Babel, E. Bagritsky, I. Ilf, V. Inber, L. Slavin, D. Oistrakh, E. Gilels, V. Zhabotinsky, P. Stolyarsky and other celebrities. 

By the way, Odessa is the last city in Europe, which created its own culture and language based on Jewish traditions.

During our excursion you will know:

  • Who became the inventor of the vaccine against plague and cholera;
  • Who was the man who became the co-author of one of the first movie cameras in world history;
  • Who had the full right to say the phrase “School named me”
  • Who from the classics of Russian literature does not have a Russian name at all?
  • About people who became the initiators of literature in Hebrew and Yiddish;
  • About famous musicians and bankers
  • And much more.