If you think that the owners of our amazing city are the native inhabitants of Odessa, then you are deeply mistaken. The owners are cats!

Judge for yourself, Odessa is a city with a population of one million, but there are twice as many cats here. Look into any yard, and you are sure to come across a displeased mustachioed muzzle. To begin with, he will closely study you and in his cunning eyes, it reads like this: “Oh, not again…”

But don’t be afraid, if you brought something tasty with you, then he will come, and you can even stroke it. The city has about 25 monuments to cats. These are not just random cats, these are cats with a story. Cats that became a celebrity, cats that had a hobby, cats of “high blood”.

Our tour is a walk to the famous cats of Odessa. I will tell you about each monument, about the fate of each cat, about the legends that are associated with them, I will show you the yard, where, as a rule, there are never less than 12 cats. By the way, in Odessa, cats also have professions, someone is a pharmacist, there is a jeweler cat, a gold chain hanging on his neck as a distinctive sign, and there is a cat Katya, who is the mistress of the coffee house on Koblevskaya.

We will feed them and we won’t forget about ourselves, since the end of our route is Odessa Koteynya, where we will definitely drink coffee in the company of the same “whiskered-striped”.


DURATION OF EXCURSIONS – up to 2.5 hours


pre-registration for a tour by phone (messengers):

Meeting point — Soborna square

This type of recreation is suitable for all age groups: for adults, for children, as well as for family pastime