Odessa is the city that has seen and experienced a lot. Great people were born and died here, wars were fought here, architectural masterpieces were destroyed and rebuilt. However, there is still an invisible enemy with which humanity is fighting till this day. Typhoid, plague, “Spaniard”, cholera, flu are not only scary figures in statistics, but also the death of great people, epoch-making discoveries and the repeated revival of the city.

Some of the great ones said that in order to change the course of history, we need to understand it, conduct work on mistakes, and it is possible to adopt the experience of past years and centuries. I suggest doing this together. 2020 is a controversial year, a year when borders were closed, a year where quarantine closed the doors of our apartments again. So let’s see how it was and how it is.

Hot topic, isn’t it?

Our car tour will open for you a new page in the history of the city. We will ride to the famous ‘Chumka’; see the prison castle, talk about the cholera epidemic that began at the famous Privoz; visit Shevchenko`s Park; the former quarantine cemetery, and talk about celebrities whose lives were taken by the epidemic.

Well, let’s start, of course, from Soborna Square, where, once, the first mayor of the city organized a rescue point.

Is it worth taking masks with you? Sure! If it does not protect against the virus, then we will take photos that will certainly remain in memory of the amazing summer of 2020.


EXCURSION TIME – up to 3.5 hours


pre-registration for a tour by phone (messengers):

Meeting point — Soborna square

Tour start time — 10.00

This type of recreation is suitable for all age groups: for adults, for children, as well as for family pastime