City markets are a real gastronomic paradise for any tourist and local resident. This is a place where you are truly immersed in the atmosphere of the city, and Odessa markets are a whole culture with a Jewish accent.

How, you still do not know how to bargain? Believe me, here every boy absorbed this skill with the milk of his Odessa mother. They will teach you, would desire. Here they live, communicate, eat and drink and communicate. Here everyone has their own place and God forbid you to bite him, they will immediately show you where the exit is.

There are a huge number of markets in Odessa. There are those that arose in the 19th century, there are spontaneous, and there are very young ones. But any market is a lifestyle of the city, it is its soul.

Our tour will pass through the 3 most popular markets of the city – Privoz, the famous Starokonka and the New Market. I will not only tell and show how we “make the bazar”, but I will try to immerse as much as possible into the atmosphere of the weekend. Why the day off, because the tour is held on weekends, so we are in Odessa relaxing. Which market is better? Where is cheaper to buy, and where is tastier to eat? Why is there a fountain here and coins are thrown at it? And why is there a monument to a cat and who is this lady around whom everyone is photographed? … Believe me, you will have many questions, and I guarantee that we will take into account not only your gastronomic preferences, but also satisfy our spiritual needs.


DURATION- up to 3 hours


pre-registration for a tour by phone (messengers):

Meeting point — Soborna square

Tour start time — 10.00

This type of recreation is suitable for all age groups: for adults, for children, as well as for family pastime