Endless vineyards, warm steppe wind and of course the best Bessarabian wines! Enotourism is not only a Bordeaux chateau, it is also a vacation in Ukrainian Bessarabia near Lake Yalpug. From grape vines to aging in oak barrels and bottle seals, experienced winemakers and oenologists will guide you on an exciting journey into the world of wine.

In the tasting rooms, at the winery, you can fully feel all the colors of the terroir of Lake Yalpug by tasting unique samples of wines from different years of harvest. This vertical tasting will not leave indifferent any wine lover.

The winery is part of the Road of Wine and Taste of Ukrainian Bessarabia: more than 50 delicious locations are ready to open their real fascinating Bessarabia for everyone. This route will connect local tourist and gastronomic establishments from Odessa to Izmail: you will have the opportunity to visit various wineries, taste local wines, visit the production of local delicacies and restaurants with traditional cuisine – only carefully selected locations with a high level of service.

Basic guided tour with tasting

A special “vertical” tasting awaits you. A bright start of the visit will be a sparkling wine tasting Tintarella on the roof of the winery in the warm season, and in the cold season, we will start with a glass of warm mulled wine. The panorama of Lake Yalpug on the one hand, on the other the same vineyards, the wine from which is suitable for any weather, is really worth seeing.

We go down to the winery and get acquainted with the technological process of grape processing, the production and bottling of still and sparkling wines.

Now, to practice! We move to the tasting room in the wine cellar. There is a difficult task ahead – to taste a 7 positions of wines:

Tasting snacks are served with drinks: apples, cheese, crackers. And at the end of the tasting, you can taste local specialties: kavarma – a traditional Bessarabian cold dish of lamb stewed in its own juice with spices, and milina or banitsa, – a Bulgarian puff pastry with cheese and feta cheese. According to popular belief, in addition to all the ingredients, a piece of the soul is put into it, then the milina becomes especially tasty.

On the territory of the winery there is a company store where you can buy still and sparkling wines of our production, as well as taste other samples of our products directly in the store.

Optionally, you can additionally order in advance:

  • a tasting set of your choice (for example, to emphasize certain positions, etc.),
  • excursion to our vineyards to the Yalpug lake,
  • full lunch or dinner from authentic dishes.