“Kolonist” represents Plachkov family’s pride, the result of their ongoing devotion and the expression of  love and passion for the land and its generosity. The Plachkov family founded their own winery in 2005 in order to produce premium local wines.
Kolonist winery is situated in a famous Ukrainian wine producing region – Danubian Bessarabia (the South of Odessa region), where viticulture has been established since the Greeks and the Thracians first discovered these fertile soils.
“Kolonist” tooks its name from the Bulgarian colonists who inhabited this area in the XIX century. The founder and the owner of  the company – Ivan Plachkov – is a descendant of this nationality who made a great contribution into turning this burned steppe into a prosperous and fertile land.
Kolonist wines are made from grapes grown on the south-western slopes of the biggest fresh-water lake in Ukraine – Yalpug. Due to the slopes, vineyards receive double sun rays from the sun and reflected ones from the surface of the lake, they are also well blown around with the winds. 30 hectares of vines are pruned by the Guyot and Cordon methods, grow on the loam soils which are rich in minerals with deep layers of lime. This modern pruning systems provide low crop capacity, which in combination with with special terroir give high-quality grapes. Each grapevine bears only a few bunches (harvested manually) which has rich flavour and gives wine strength, harmony and elegancy. Geographical position at the same latitude with Bordeaux in France and Piedmont in Italy gives an excellent opportunity to grow grapes in perfect climate conditions. The combination of a unique terroir, modern equipment from France, Germany and Italy and the traditional French 100-year-old oak barriques gives the Kolonist a right to be proud of its high-quality wines.
In 2008 a famous enologist from Bordeaux, France, Mr. Olivier Dauga joined Kolonist. He and his wife Kati Sokazo came into the process of honest wine-making with a great enthusiasm. This cooperation appeared to be very successful and today Kolonist wines can be found not only in the best restaurants, various wine shops or wine bars in Ukraine, but  also in France, Great Britain and Poland.
Kolonist wines have been represented twice in the Parliament of UK, in the Embassies of Belgium, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece and Germany, in the Embassy of Ukraine to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.