Juice grapes, tender sea, incredible wine and great mood… Best of the best, that hospitable land of natural winemaking!
The full experience of the soul of wine and feeling of the highest pleasure from the taste of this sun drink of Gods, are only possible in certain places. One of this wonderful places, where nature gives birth to the best grapes and talented winemakers produce perfect wines – is Koblevo. It is located in wonderful corner of nature between Black Sea and Tylihul Estuary.
PJSC “Koblevo” open doors of tasting tour for all guests of sunny coast – connoisseurs of fine art and and those who are just discovering the noble drink.
Every year the company is visited by thousands of guests from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and also from France, Italy, Switzerland, China, Germany and another countries. Tasting tour in Koblevo is giving amazing opportunity to see the whole process of production of His Majesty: from cultivation graves and its primary processing to fermentation, filtration, cold processing and at the end pouring wine in a bottles.
The best winemakers of “Koblevo” are not just telling about variety of wine and dishes. They also teach you all the subtleties of proper tasting, explain you rules of combining different wines and dishes. After all is really important , that this honorable drink emphasize the taste of dishes, but didn`t join in the fight for the taste effect.

Tasting tour in PJSC “Koblevo”:

  1. Excursion in PJSC “ Koblevo”
  2. Learn more about all stages of modern production
  3. Learn about features of vine cultivation
  4. Professional tasting of the best grape wines
  5. Learning the subtleties of enogastronomy
  6. Visiting a brilliant art gallery
  7. Opportunity  to purchase prestigious wines in the Koblevo brand store.