The history of Bolgrad wine dates back to 1900, as evidenced by the architectural ensemble of ancient Bolgrad, which gracefully fits into the State Wine Warehouse, which was one of the city-forming enterprises.
The fertile soil of the lands of the landowner Davydov, the merchant Vasiliev and others, were and still are a springboard for growing various varieties of grapes, forming the basis for the creation of some of the best wines in Ukraine.
The plant included large farms, for example, the V. Suvorov, who was one of the leading grape growing farms not only in the Odessa region, but throughout Ukraine.
Although the history of the creation of the plant goes back to 1900, it is believed that the enterprise itself, called the Belgrad Wine Factory, was founded in 1945, by order of the People’s Commissariat of the Food Industry of the Ukrainian SSR dated April 28, 1945 (signed by the Deputy People’s Commissar to the Makhin).
After the victory in the Great War, as a result of the liberation of the city of Bolgrad by the Soviet Army from the occupation, the former employees of the enterprise were able to return to work.

Nowadays it is a Ukrainian enterprise whose main activity is the production and sale of alcoholic beverages (wines, cognacs, vermouths, champagne, etc.). The company is one of the largest winemaking operators in Ukraine, owns the trademarks “Marelli”, “Bolgrad” (TM Bolgrad) and “Cardial”, has vineyards in the Bolgradsky district of the Odessa region on the slopes of the hills around Lake Yalpug and along the fortifications of the Roman Empire – Troyanovo shaft. This region is truly rich in traditions, culture of processing and processing of vines. For more than 17 years of work on the market, TM “Bolgrad” has managed to form a full cycle of winemaking, to establish production and quality control at each stage of processing grapes into wine.