GROUP more than 10 persons – ANY DAY 
Tour includes fishing picnic at island Lipovans estate-museum “KVAKENBURG” or at the complex of green tourism “PELIKAN”
Excursion program at “0 km” is conducted on circle route.
We offer you to spend unforgettable time at the Danube Delta – this is area of unique nature, deep-water fishing channels, endless reed beds and floodplain forests – the last “living” delta of Europe. Fish fresh-soup, that was skillfully made on a wood fire with the famous local wine “Novak”, local herbal tee from wood samovar with local honey will make your journey especially good and memorable.


Every adult, during a trip to Vylkove,

must have a passport with you,

every child- birth certificate!

06:45 Meet of group (main entrance of train station)
07:00 Departure from Odessa
11:00 Group meet professional tour guide, who will be with us all day long and will help us to learn about this unforgettable region.
Bus and Walking Tour around old part of the city with visiting eric – canals ( streets) Ukrainian Venice – about 1 hour.
First meeting with Vylkove happen on the bank of the Danube. Across the river you will see Romanian island Letea. Here from monument of old ritualists – the founders of the city, our excursion around provincial Ukrainian city of Vylkove is begin. At first sight, this city doesn’t have anything special. The main architecture destinations of city are three temples, two of them are old ritualists temple, after all most of residents of city exactly are old ritualists. During excursion you will learn about religious of old ritualists in our region, about features of their life and culture. But as soon as you come to the old part of Vylkove, you start to understand uniqueness of this area that attracts a lot of tourists here, not only from Ukraine, but from many foreign countries. They called it “the city of fishers and resin boats”, ‘the city of 72 islands” and “Ukrainian Venice”. In old part of city you will walk into wonderful world. Through the length and breadth, it is crossed by large and small canals or how it named here – erics. Attractive humpbacked bridges are throw over erics. Wooden boats are bustling, this is only one kind of transport, on which you can move here. Everything is so unusual here in such kind of city landscape. Its seems like time has stopped here. Further, moving around island part of city, you go for complex of green tourism “Pelikan”, where your fascinating journey to “0 km” will begin.
12.00 There is still one pleasant part of journey: landing and moving to island Lipovans estate-museum “KVAKENBURG”, where famous fresh-soup of Vylkove, unique local features and more are waiting for you.
12:15 Arriving to island Lipovans estate-museum “KVAKENBURG”. Group will meet with mistress of estate Tatyana Yakovlevna with culture program (pledge, ceremonies and traditions)
Fishing picnic with Danube fresh-soup, that was made on a wood fire with the local wine “Novak”, local herbal tea from wood samovar with local honey, rest, swimming and fishing – (2 hours)
At your service we offer new commodious pavilions, well-equipped seafront with sun loungers and garden benches for a rest around the river. Only here you have opportunity to visit old island Lipovans house. In one of the room of this house was recreated traditional interior of large fishing family. On the information board you can learn about stages of delta formation, history of Vylkove and island village Ankudinovo, unique nature of Danube Biosphere Reserve, about traditions of nature management. At guest services we offer open-air exhibition: fishery, using of reed, delta winemaking, local beekeeping and boats` workroom. Observation tower will allow you to take a look on a delta from a bird’s-eye view. Old fruit garden, well-groomed nature lawns, wood bridges and reed pavilions will decorate idyll of your vacation in our estate.
14:15 Water excursion around delta on an equipped excursion ship “Pelikan” by Ochakovo mouth and Ankudinovo mouth with visiting old ritualists village Ankudinovo. You will meet with culture of nature management in delta, with local traditions and way of life and visit seaside reserve, symbolic “0” km – the place where the Danube flows into the sea.
From the city the way to the “0 km” runs along the Delta islands. How bizarre fiction intertwines here with real historical facts. In the epics sung that river have flowed from heart of Russian hero Danube Ivanovic pierced by a sword. Dunabe carry on her waves boats with warriors of Sviatoslav and merchant ships with Russian goods. Locals are still telling a legend about sunken near the Peschany island merchant ship with merchant daughter aboard. Truth is or not, we can only guess. “Seagulls” of the Cossacks and warships of the Russian fleet passed a lot of times during numerous wars with Turkey. And so often the owners of these lands changed. On the island of Ankudinovo you can see the favorite resting place of the Romanian Emperor Mihai I. On the Ochakovo island and Ankudinovo island you can find reserved from Turkish times part of old ritualists villages, that originated at beginning of 18th century. Scene of this village is so marvelous. Houses are located around left and right parts of island and a canal of river is the main street of the village. We can only guess how hard they worked and how deep was their faith at the future, when colonists- lipovans are domesticated this bog land of Danube. Further touristic track run around buffer zone area of Danube Biosphere Reserve. Where else can you find that kind diversity of rare birds. It’s not accidental, that ornithologists have their own name to delta of Danube – “motel of feathered”. Here are circling over the island in search of prey predator – White-tailed Eagle, here are lurked gray heron in the weeds, and the pelicans soar in the sky, making their mysterious dance. And around of you there are glory of biosphere delta thicket and places, where “wasn’t foot of human”. But river hard run her fast water to Black Sea. And there is it – “0 km”, where two of irrepressible water power are connected – river and sea. Sometimes nature let people to see wonderful things, for example, how different muddy river water of Danube from azure smooth surface of sea. That’s the best place to feel unlimited expanse and richness of this place, the place, where you will become inseparable part of this perfection and start to believe all wishes that you make here surely will come true.
17:45 Come back to Vylkove, on accommodation “Pelikan”.
18:00 Departure from Vylkove.
21:00 Arriving to Odessa ( to main gate of Train station)

PRICE – from 1180 UAH (39€) per person