Just a few kilometers from Odessa, near the urban-type settlement “Big Valley” of the Odessa region, there is an island of ethnocultural heritage. The remarkable ethnopark New Vasyuki is a different direction that will not force anyone to get bored. Animal lovers will enjoy the contact zoo with its abundance of friendly pets. After all, it is scientifically proven that communication with nature improves not only well-being, but also health. Animals can heal from various diseases, whether it is the common cold or a disease of the musculoskeletal system. If you like something unusual, then there is something to surprise you! The unique “Ostrich Compound” has not left anyone indifferent. You will learn all about the largest birds in the world: how they behave in nature; what determines their color and size; why they are not able to fly and can’t be trained. You will be able to feed them, and if you are lucky, you will see unique dances performed with special grace and expertise. In addition, you can purchase various goods and souvenirs, such as an ostrich egg or various handicrafts made of leather, shells and feathers. Want to spend time with benefits? The craft village is a center of cultural heritage and craft secrets, which are passed down from generation to generation. Unusual antiques, design works and works of art – all in abundance. Proper communication with nature is an art, therefore, the earlier it is learned, the more benefit this knowledge will bring. And to secure a great day – the barbecue area will invigorate, and the restaurant “Piana Hata” is always ready to make your stomach happy!


In the contact zoo are a variety of representatives of domestic and wild inhabitants of nature. In separate, specially equipped places you can meet various species of monkeys, donkeys, birds and rodents, as well as such exotic animals as ostriches. And in the “Grandmother’s Compound” you can plunge into the age-old world of the household. There are a variety of domestic animals: fluffy rabbits, friendly kids, important geese and vociferous roosters. The collection of animals is constantly expanding and growing.
The most important task of the contact zoo is the organization of educational work for visitors. Professional guides will tell you many interesting facts about different types of animals, will introduce you to the biological features of pets. During the tour you will learn a lot of new information and also communicate with animals. Touch and feed them, which causes a sea of ​​emotions and delight among different ages and groups of visitors. You will be able to spend the whole day in close contact with nature and lovely various “fluffy”. There are always veterinarians among the park employees, so all animals are healthy, well-groomed, vaccinated and properly fed. A large area and an excellent ventilation system allows you to keep fresh air in the zoo. All enclosures are always clean. Feeding is carried out exclusively by food provided by the employees of the contact zoo.


Located in a special ecological clean zone, the ostrich farmstead offers you to plunge into the world of exciting, educational and recreational activities.
The cognitive part of the program will introduce the African ostrich lifestyle, their adaptation, maintenance and breeding in the climatic conditions of Ukraine. You will learn about the stages of birth and growth of these exotic birds, starting with the process of incubating eggs. Learn the geographical, historical, cultural and sociological aspects of life of this species.
The entertainment part of the program will give you unforgettable photos and video recordings with this birds, watching exciting films on the subject of content, breeding and history of African ostriches.
The improving part of the program will help you relax on a specially equipped area, where there is always fresh air. Try special meals in a cozy restaurant, where every visitor can enjoy dishes of ostrich meat and ostrich eggs, which have a beneficial effect on the human body.
Guests can purchase a variety of souvenirs made from ostrich eggs and ostrich feathers. Diversity will amaze you! You can also order artistically decorated complex souvenirs, such as painting or art carving on the ostrich egg shell.
IMPORTANT! To reduce the stress of animals and to avoid injury, it is prohibited to make noises and talk loudly, run and leave the group, put on too bright clothes, walk over the fence, feed the birds and bring animals along in the ostrich farmstead.


The village consists of various buildings, each of which is made in accordance with the national traditions of the peoples living in the Odessa region.
FORGER. In the forge you will not only be able to observe the work of the master, but also try yourself to forge a nail or horseshoe for good luck. Blacksmiths will share with you their secrets and methods of creating masterpieces. You will see for yourself how this profession is not only difficult, but also fascinating. Also in the forge, you can buy various products forged from iron.
POTTERY. In the pottery workshop, anyone can take a master class in the modeling and painting of clay products, as well as independently work on the pottery workbench, which is a unique experience in our time. You can also purchase various unique clay crafts that warmly and pleasantly diversify any interior.
CANDLE WORKSHOP. Candle – was and remains a symbol of comfort and convenience. In addition, the candle is an invariable attribute of romance and celebration. Hand-made candles are an excellent gift that brings not only aesthetic pleasure, but also practical benefits to its recipient. At the master class, you can make candles by pouring the candle mass in a variety of forms, make carved candles or paraffin handles.
SOAP FACTORY. Soap making is an exciting activity that helps to get away from worries, show your creativity, enjoy the creation process itself and, most importantly, create a fragrant and unusual soap that will become not only an original and beautiful, but also a very useful gift to every person. In soap making you will be able to embody your wildest creative fantasies!
ART WORKSHOP. Another of the exciting and interesting activities, which can be found at the master class “Pictures of colored sand.” It is designed for children of almost any age and, even, for adults. With the help of a special base and colored sand, you can create an unusual “sand” picture. This wonderful decoration for the children’s room, office, home created by yourself. The process of creating a picture develops creative taste, innovative thinking, little motor skills of limbs and coordination of movements.
DISTILLERY. Once, this technological process, along with secret chemical formulas, was passed down from generation to generation. In our time, the master class gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the distillery on their own experience. You will generously share your experience, workshops secrets and various ways to create alcoholic beverages.


Ethnopark “New Vasyuki”  becomes more and more interesting. Attractions, both for children and for adults, are created so that every visitor, from “little-to-great”, can fully enjoy rest, experience joy and fun! Adults will feel themselves back in childhood, and children will be able to familiarize themselves with the games that at one time were so fascinating to their parents. Huge swings, trampolines that will lift anyone to heaven, quests and tournaments, mysterious labyrinths, shooting ranges and much more. You will forget about the time and do not want to stop. After all, “going down the rabbit hole” so want to know what’s next…



Imagination of culinary specialists in the preparation of various kinds of delicious dishes is endless. Try yourself – experiment with recipes, and who knows, maybe your meal will turn out to be one of the most appetizing. Add to the process of fun and joy your friends and the barbecue party will be remembered for a long time! On the territory there are all the tools for a great barbecue: grills, skewers, coals and stoppers that can be rented. And if something doesn’t work out for you and you need help, the staff of the ethnopark are ready to deal with all the problems you have.
The barbecue area is represented by a large area for communication – a gazebo in which you can comfortably spend time waiting for a treat. Arbor zones have different sizes, depending on the number of people. Nearby is a roasting oven, where you can cook delicious food or just warm up …