Perhaps the main attraction of Belyaevka is Beloye Lake, which is part of the Lower Dniester National Park. This park is located on the territory of Belyaevsky, Belgorod-Dniestrosky and Ovidiopol districts. In the reservation area, a large number of birds nest and rare plants are found. Hunting is not allowed here. The White Lake is flowing, connecting with the Dniester River and its sleeve – the Turunchuk River. This is a great place for those who love to rest on the water. Of course, it is better to come here in the warm season, when nature comes to life and blooms. Rare birds nest in the reeds on numerous small islands in the middle of the lake, and lilies bloom on the water surface of the reservoir. Guests are offered walks on boats, tasting of 6 types of wines in the private winery of Mariana Shevchenko, visiting the creative workshop of the world-famous artist – Syrova V.M., swimming in the lake and much more.