One Day Tour at the center of ethnographic and green tourism “Frumushika-Nova”

Endless prairies, rare animals and plants, a rich cultural and historical heritage – all of this is Frumushika Nova – the pearl of Bessarabia. Rest in that kind of place is a real gift for the soul.

A little bit of history: For sure, not everyone can boast of a huge luggage of knowledge about Bessarabia. But this mistake can be easily corrected. First of all, it is necessary to know that Bessarabian lands have always inhabited by hundreds of nationalities. Their fusion defined the originality of this region. Bulgarians and Moldovans, Jews and Gagauz, Germans, Russians and Ukrainians lived here in peace and harmony, working tirelessly and developing all kinds of craftsmanship. This was Frumushika until 1946. Then the sad page of history interrupted the existence of a multinational village and gave life to the largest military training ground. Villagers had to leave their homes, and abandoned land for more than 60 years was waiting for the return of owners. The development of the Frumushik-Nova farm began in the summer of 2006 at the place of Moldovan village of Frumushika-Veka. And than in 2007 Frumushika-Nova celebrated its first birthday. This Bessarabian village has become a tribute to the memory of ancestors and now anyone can see the boundless prairies in all of seasonal outfit.
What to see: In translation from the Moldovan “Frumushika Nova” means a beauty. But, despite the obvious beauty of this place,unique landscapes are not the only thing you can admire on arrival here.
Among the tourist atrractions you can also see and visit:
— Ethnographic Open-Air Museum “Bessarabian village Frumushika Nova”Museum complex Frumushika Nova allow fill all the gaps in knowledge about Bessarabia. Here you can learn about the national farmsteads of the period of the 19-20th century. Strolling the streets and going from estate to estate, you can learn all about the life of peoples of those times and their way of life. Open-air guns and units are so wonderful and strange that not everyone will guess their purpose. There is also a church here – an necessary feature of rural life. All of this was carefully collected and recreated in the smallest detail by the authors of the project.
— Memorial “Memory Hill” ЭThis memorial is a tribute to the memory of all the destitute residents who were evicted from the local lands. They include the villages of Frumushika, Roshia, Gofnungsthal, Cantemir and Zurum.
— Park-Museum of Socialist Realism Monuments The idea to create such a “hammer-and-hearted” Stonehenge is comparatively new. It`s started with a small bust of Lenin, which someone brought here as a gift. Since then, the collection of idols continues to grow. Some of them they bought out, others were donated. The rarest specimen is the image of Stalin, which is now a rarity.
— Wine cellar with tasting of local grape varieties: Wine cellar becomes one of the first buildings in Frumushika-Nova. Whatever, this is a unique opportunity to learn about the wines of Bessarabia. You will be able to learn and see the whole technological path of the grape berry from the bunch on the vine until it turns into a heady drink.
— The largest in the world STATUE “CHABAN FRUMUSHIKA-NOVA” (nominated in the The Guinness Book of World Records, height 16.43 m, weight – 1080 tons);
— Park-museum of sculptures “History of Bessarabian land”;
— Museum of Agricultural equipment;
— Local History Museum;
— Picture gallery;

— Sheep breeding complex: It is simply impossible to imagine Bessarabia without sheep breeding. Here you will meet the sheep of exceptional Karakul breed, with which the development of sheep breeding in Ukraine is inextricably linked. In Frumushika-Nova you can find out all about this craft, see how sheep milk, shear, and if you’re lucky, then try a home-made cheese, for the preparation of which sheep milk is use.

— Bazanarium: A visit to the bazant farm is a great opportunity for those who have never seen or know anything about bazants. Here you can get acquainted with this bird closer, learn about its habits, as well as how easy it is to keep them and breed in captivity..
— Minizoo: Sheep and pheasants are not all the animals living in the village of Frumushika Nova. Horses, donkeys, wild boars, deer, peacocks and even llamas – they are all residents of the Bessarabian village and will be glad to every new visitor.
What to do: If you think that the only thing you can do in the Bessarabian priers is to lie in the field, peering into the horizon and chewing a dry blade of grass, then this is not so. Although no one will forbid this for you. But there are a lot of active things that you can do.
Hunting and fishing: Fans of hunting and fishing will like this place. In particular here you can hunt pheasants or learn your dog to attack the trail. Of course, you need to stay aware that the hunting season or fishing is not open all year, but only in a certain season. And those who are not able to offend even a fly, can shoot on plates or develop the skills of a photo hunter. The season of photo-hunting in Frumushik-Nova is open at any time of the year, day and night.
Swimming pool: Whether you like spending time on land or in the water, everyone definitely has different preferences. But if you are fed up with steppe expanse, then there is the opportunity to refresh yourself in a specially equipped swimming pool or to visit the bathhouse.
National cuisine: You can try traditional lamb and mutton dishes in the stylized café “Korchma”. Here you will have the opportunity to taste the national cuisine of Bessarabia, as well as try home-made wines, cheese and honey or take it with you.