Sovinyonis one of the most beautiful and at the same time prestigious areas of Odessa. Named after one of the French grapes used to make wines. Sovinyonis located 18 kilometers from the center of Odessa. Or rather, in Ovidiopolsky district, although it’s not a long way to go there. Sovinyonis located in a beautiful area, it is characterized by a large length of the sea coast. Especially village distinguish by the pomp and wealth. Here you can get acquainted with the wealthy and cultural half of the Odessa population

Sovinyon also offer a combination of steppe and sea air. It will help in the treatment of many diseases. Thanks to the warm and mild climate, you can relax in the area at any time of the year. The infrastructure of Sovinyonis well developed. Thereare a kindergarten, a school, various shops, restaurants, cafes, saunas, a swimming pool, a wellness center, a SPA center with various procedures and artesian water, bowling, a billiard room, a bank, a nightclub, a travel agency and many others enterprises.

A little bit of history…

The history of Sovinyonbegins in 1997. When you have a desire to get closer to nature, but you don’t want to leave the city – the country cottage town is a compromise solution. This was noted by the founders of the project “Sovinyon”. After adopting the experience of developed countries, they developed a construction program, the essence of which was to develop approximately 450 hectares of land and create a residential area, which was supposed to have the same name. Historians note that the land of Sovinyonis inhabited not for the first millennium. This is evidenced by various finds that were discovered on the territory.
There are rumors that a renowned winemaker Vasily Egorovich Tairov has been searching for appropriate climatic conditions for growing grapes for almost ten years. And he has chosen these lands. That is why Sovinyonis the most favorable name for the residential area, which is associated with the name of the eponymous French province and the well-known grape variety. Over time, the first buildings began to appear, then the streets and even neighborhoods. Now there are nine of them. Each is different from each other both in terms of the number of residents, as well as in the size of the plots, and architecture. Now Sovinyonis a kind of brand, the name of well-being, prosperity and success.

“Bora Bora Paradise” and “Voskhod” are two coastal Sauvignon complexes, which correspond to the world standards of the resort rest area. There are also public beaches: “university”, small and large public beaches on the southern slope. The sandy beaches are clean with many piers that go far into the sea. It is characterized by shallow water, which allows you to have a good time, both for adults and children. One of the main advantages of a public beach is free admission. There are no beach chairs, umbrellas, but there is a sea and sand – the main thing you need for a beach holiday. The Bora Bora Paradise and Voskhod complexes are characterized by a wonderful view of the sea, a multitude of establishments and first-class service.

Children can have fun in the beach town with a water park and inflatable slides. They can also be attracted by a playground in a pine forest, they will be pleased to relax and play next to the fountain “Dolphins”. Sovinyonhas several restaurants, a café-bar, clubs that can make interest for the older generation. Tennis courts will contribute to a good physical condition and will not let you get bored. The close distance to Odessa will allow you to get to South Palmyra at any time when you wish, and spend your leisure time there.

Sovinyonis a calm and prestigious area. Here you will forget about all your problems, the bustle of the city and you will want just to enjoy your vacation! A lot of entertainment will add variety to your holiday. A lot of interesting things both adults and kids can find here for themselves. Every vacationer can choose a beach for their needs – a public or beach complex. But, in any case, you will never forget your rest in Sauvignon!