“Otrada – with its four pleasant, quiet streets lined with white acacias, through the leaves of which are so romantic shone slightly greenish sky …”
Streets that once described a resident of Odessa Valentine Kataev – and now nice and dull, with just a pretty name: Otradnaya, Yasnaya, Uytnaya, Morskaya. Otrada – a small picturesque area in the center of town and the beach of the same name. Going down it can be possible in the area of the Musical Comedy Theatre, passing through back streets or down the lane Azarova. But it would be better to pass a stop (to come on the tram №5) to Pirogovska street and go through the arch formed in the Moorish style.

The arch was built in the early twentieth century by architect Valerian Schmidt, and led to the house of Zhdanova. Another owner of the land in this area was the Greek merchant Halaydzhoglo; Many say that it was his summer residence and it was named “Villa Otrada”, which later became the name of the whole district. Under the villas on the deserted beach it was once only fishermen huts, where they went to sea on their barges. Then, here, after Langeron, has come “beach boom” too – were built baths, recreation, holiday-trodden path.

Now the passage of the stairs to the beach, as they say, it is free, but you can pay for the pleasure of the descent by cable car. It was built for comfortable movement between the French (then Proletarian) Boulevard and the beach in 1971. With a height of several tens of meters a great view of the sea and surroundings.

If you still go down on foot, you can remember that the steep slope (height nearly 40 meters) used to be a cliff and constantly bring problems in the form of landslides.

Landscaping of slope began in the 1960s, it was hard-packed and lined with trees, and at the same time there was done a concrete staircase and extended the beach and it was protected by a breakwater. Going down, crosses a trace of health – the road that runs along the sea from Langeron to Arcadia (about 7 km). It prohibited the movement of vehicles, this route, as the name implies – for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts: cyclists, skaters, joggers. Along the route are installed playgrounds. However, in summer one mode of transport still runs on the track of health – a silent electric car, which can be reached Langeron or Arcadia. If you go to the left – you can go to the training base of football club “Chernomorets”, where until late evening train Odessa boys, future Belanovs and Voronins. Nearby tennis courts.

To the right of the Otrada beach is the Yacht Club, which features walks on yachts or lease. By the way, Black Sea Yacht Club there in Odessa since 1875.

About the beach: free entrance to the beach and paid services – lounge chairs, shower. Also, traditionally – rescue service, medical center and police. On the avenue along the beach – restaurants, cafes, mini-hotels and several nightclubs (“Treasure Island”, “Villa Otrada», «Otrada Beach Club»). About the attractions on the beach is a large yellow stone, near which Odessans like to make appointments, and tourists get photos.