The beach is located near the cape of Bolshoy Fountain – pleasure for introverts, lovers of taking pictures, talking one-on-one with the sea and climbing hills. Landscapes of wild and incredible beauty! The cape makes your head spin, and in the spring you have a chance to transform at Alice from Wonderland and lie in a chamomile field. Here is the spirit of a dear, old, cottage and not vulgarized Odessa. All this non-elusive beauty is located next to the male Assumption Monastery. Obviously, this is why the beach is called Monastyrsky or Popovsky.

Perhaps this is one of the few places in Odessa where diving from the shore can be interesting. Due to the cascade of breakwaters and the neighborhood with the Cape, the bottom in this place is not smooth as a platter. Concrete blocks and granite stones along the breakwaters create an excellent environment for marine life. Further from the coast there are small fragments of thin-bedded limestone with imprints of marine shellfishes.