Chernomorka is the surrounding Odessa uptown, with its beach, what today hassome advantageous features. Unlike other beaches located in the water area of the Odessa Bay, Chernomorka is located on the coast of the open sea, Here the sea breeze freely walks over the expanses of the Black Sea steppes. The unique combination of sea and steppe climate between Odessa and the Ovidiopolsky district, picturesque surroundings with flowering gardens and vineyards made it possible to create excellent conditions for rest and treatment here.

A little bit of history…

Sanatoriums, boarding houses, and recreation centers are signs of a bygone Soviet era. Some of them managed to survive difficult times, and now they are work and they are ready to receive guests. The name Chernomorka – also from the Soviet era. Before the revolution, the village was inhabited by the Germans and it was called Lyustdorf (that is, “Merry Village”). And if you dig into history even deeper – in 1805, when the first 40 families from the glorious city of Württemberg appeared on this coast – then they called the new town on the hospitable Black Sea coast the Kaiserheim. The Germans, as demanded by strict Ordnung, built all the colonies according to the traditional pattern – with the Lutheran church in the center, school, building of the government. By the way, houses that was built by German colonists you can find in many villages and towns of the Black Sea coast. The settlement with industrious citizens flourished – the rich Ukrainian lands gave good harvests, the trade went off with a bang, the theater worked, which staged plays in several languages and successfully toured.

According to rumors, the name Lustdorf appeared after the visit of the Odessa mayor Duke Richelieu, who liked the German “cheerful village” very much. True, getting there from Odessa was long and inconvenient, for example, capricious Odesa women could say about Paris: “This is far away, somewhere behind Lyustdorf.” Therefore, practical Germans were the first to draw to themselves a line of an electric tram, from Lyustdorf to 16 station of the Big Fountain – this is when the “little train” was still running in Odessa. On the tram going through the coastal steppe, you can get to the place even today .However since those times, the building has become considerably thicker, as is the density of passenger traffic (and that’s mean when you`re entering the tram, don’t yawn with your mouth and do not clap with your ears, otherwise you will pass your stop and find yourself, if not in Paris, then without a wallet)

The problems of the Lustdorf Germans began after the revolution, with the beginning of the dekulakization, repression and the fight against religion. Kirkha was destroyed, only a wing was left. And then the war broke out, after which all the Germans were evicted, someone ended up in Germany, and someone ended up in Siberia or Kazakhstan. Such a sad story of the “marry village”. Interestingly, the old German name of the uptown is used a little, but returned to Odessa street leading to it, so the Lyustdorfskaya road is the way to Chernomorka.

Let’s go back to the beach. On the left you can see the Bolshoi Fountain cape with the lighthouse and the domes of the Holy Assumption Monastery, on the right – the satellite city of Odessa – Chernomorsk (Illichivsk). In Chernomorka there was no shore protection and installation of the breakwaters, as in the beaches of the city limits, so the coast is freely washed by the waves of the open sea. What is good for lovers of swimming in the waves, but not always good for sand washed into the sea. As already mentioned, the beach of Chernomorka felt best in the heyday of the Soviet sanatoriums, in the 70-80s. Today, the coastal zone is being tried to reanimate and restore its former glory, to ennoble the adjacent territories.

There are lovers who do not change themselves and rest only here, including as the “savage”; if you worry a little ahead of time, you can easily rent a room / house / hut on the dock from local residents or summer residents. Fishermen catch here flounder, gloss, this is in addition to the traditional Odessa bulls. Nearby is Fishport. There are large number of cafes and summer playgrounds. There is a traditional set of beach activities, such as sun loungers / umbrellas, volleyball, scooters, beautiful tanned girls, a “hooot-heeeeel” and a “cooold pepsi-cola” (and sometimes vice versa)