Luzanovka – a beach that is far from the city center, one can say that this beach is “local”. Located after the Peresypskiy Bridge at the entrance to a large sleeping area Odessa called “village Kotovsky” – he was for many years a place of rest locals. But recently, Luzanovka becomes more popular, thanks to some of its advantageous features.


The area was named after the historic owner, Major General Thomas Luzanov, famous in the wars against Napoleon and the Turks. Even during the Vorontsov governing, Major General for faithful service was given 18 thousand hectares of land near the estuary Hadzibeevsky. A well-known and respected in Odessa man was the grandson of Thomas Luzanov, Michael, the last chairman of the commercial court before the Revolution. According to the plans of Michael Luzanov in his possession it was planned to create the Odessa Riviera, a project that would have made this part of the Odessa coast second Nice piece of paradise to relax. It was supposed to invest eighteen million rubles in gold, who knows how could look like Luzanovka now – but, unfortunately, these grandiose plans were disrupted by the revolution. In the early twentieth century building Luzanov pretty manor on the hill above the beach, but soon came to the Bolsheviks, and the owner and his family had to emigrate. The estate camped young Communards, where a pioneer camp “Young Guard”» is located now.

In 1927, from the Greek area to Luzanovka began walking a tram (route №9), then the beach has become more popular. First of all, it is good of its naturalness – are gently sloping beach, and therefore you did not have to go down a steep precipice, as most of the other beaches. There were no breakwaters or piers, water constantly comes a new, clean (whereas in other places, for breakwaters standing water). The bottom here is “fine”, therefore water is always little warmer, there is no dramatic change in depth. If it’s more difficult to get depth – parents with small children could be quieter. In addition, there are no fences that separate the beach area, you can walk half a kilometer along the sea, without encountering obstacles. Another advantage of Luzanovka is that along the beach stretches park where you can relax in the shade or have a picnic.

In Soviet times, the boat went here on a regular line “Odessa port – Luzanovka” – a tradition that is now trying to revive. While on the boat, or just standing on the beach at Luzanovka, you can observe from the sea the central part of the city, the port and the Sea Port or Langeron beach.

It extends the usual beach service – deck chairs, showers, changing cabins. It works amusement park for children. In recent years, Luzanovka markedly increased in terms of entertainment – there are a lot of cafes, restaurants, summer night clubs, small hotels (for example, a large living room Courtyard “Pavlov’s House” club “Malibu”, “Lemon”, “Florida”, “Gulfstream” ). It’s could be good alternative to pretentious clubs of Arcadia – at least, eat and relax here will come much cheaper.

Those who are not interested in club culture and prefers rock music or for bikers, you can find entertainment, too. Stadium “Odeskabel” (before “Paul’s House”) – the venue of the annual gathering of bikers called “Goblin-show” (held twice a year – in the summer in the middle of June and autumn gathering in September).