This resort is interesting because it is quiet, peaceful and cozy. The vast majority of houses of local residents – a private sector with a height of no more than three floors, in the courtyard of each flowering trees or shrubs. Because of this, the village looks very green, however, even here there is a street called “Green”!
Despite the close proximity of the big city, rest in Kryzhanovka can not be called active. On the contrary, people come here to relax from the city’s bustle, relax and be alone with themselves or their loved ones. It is unlikely that there will be those who dreamed of spending an active holiday here. Kryzhanivka (Odessa) seems to be “breathing” with peace and tranquility: tourists are walking leisurely on the streets, tourists are relaxing on the beach.

Problems with food are not here: many cozy cafes and restaurants are always happy to meet visitors. And although there are no entertainment facilities with live music and discos, local cafes “take for living” with their warmth and friendliness. Many establishments are a “family business”, passing from parents to children, so the cuisine here is very tasty – the result of many years of experience.
However, most hotels in Kryzhanovka offer their own meals or provide the opportunity to cook on their own. Housing here is very affordable, the prices are literally pleasing with a number of zeros! At the same time, the quality of the rooms is very good: modern furniture, “fresh” renovation, beautiful view. Many hotels and mini-hotels in Kryzhanovka offer free beach equipment: umbrellas, sun beds and towels. In some places of temporary accommodation, you can ask to rent a bicycle and ride along the coastline – admire the sunset or just breathe the sea breeze.
Kryzhanovka is located on the beach, some houses are almost on the shore. In any photo you can see how clean and beautiful the beach is here: pale yellow sand, fresh green grass, blue-black sea.
The coastal line is not very wide, only about 40 meters, but it extends several kilometers to the sides. On the horizon there are ships moored in the port of Odessa. Nature generously endowed this place with a variety of colors, and a small number of vacationers ensures peace and cleanliness around.