Gold Coast – so beautifully called the beach at the 16th station of the Great Fountain.


Stations of Fountain – connected with the first Odessa tram, that’s how his stop was called. Before the advent of electricity, horse-drawn carriages went to the Big Fountain, the so-called “konka”, in Babel’s time it was already a tram on steam traction (“steam engine” – by the way, appeared in Odessa first in the country in 1881). Since 1910, electric tram started up. And the route did not change: from the 1st station of Fontana (Kulikovo field) to the last, 16th (Gold Coast).

And they went, of course, to the beach, and Gold Coast was always considered one of the best. The origin of the name was lost in the depths of the centuries, but, as always, there are several interesting versions. According to one of them, here was one of the few natural beaches, with the cleanest, “golden” sand. According to another version, by underground passages abducted young girls were smuggled to the 16th station and here they were exchanged for Turkish gold and sent to harems. Another version related to the Turks – here in 1811 a Turkish vessel allegedly crashed, carrying a fabulous amount of gold coins, everyone rushed to look for them on the beach and each Odessan got a few. In general, no one will say for sure what happened here 200 years ago, but today to every citizen of Odessa and a city visitor who came to the beach is guaranteed gold of a bright sun and the brilliance of a playing sea wave.

Around the beach, the suburban area grew and gained prestige. Villas on the Fountains were initially cheaper than on French Boulevard, so the people settled here in the summer more unpretentious, diverse and interesting. Station 16 eventually became a commercial and cultural center of resort life. In 1892, the first Odessa summer theater of  Sergeyev, on the outskirts of Odessa was opened here. On the small stage, the actors acted out comedic plots, and the “little trainer” passing by then still drowned out their remarks with a loud whistle. Later the theater was rebuilt and expanded, Bagritsky, Fioletov, Kataev recited poems on its stage.

There were restaurants, buffets for resort visitors with any thickness of the wallet. One of the attractions were “Establishment of warm sea baths.” There was a summer cinema in which after the war trophy films were spinning – “Tarzan” and other blockbusters.

Landslides have always been a problem in the coastal zone of Odessa, we even had to change the route of the tram when the rails were on the edge of a cliff. Therefore, Gold Coast, like other beaches, was reconstructed in the 1960s – sand was washed in, shore protection works were carried out, concrete blocks of breakwaters were installed, the slopes became more gentle, comfortable slopes and stairs appeared. There are no landslides anymore, but the sea still periodically takes part of the beaches, especially during the winter storms. If the spring does not return the sand itself, then the periodic alluvion helps.

A new sight recently opened at the 16th station is a new embankment. The area along the sea is lined with granite stone, lights are installed, comfortable beautiful benches, an observation deck, planted trees. This fountain of oasis is crowned with elegant fountains and picturesque flowerbeds. The walks are especially good here in the summer evening, with night lighting, under the whisper of the waves.

The beach itself provides entertainment for children of any age. For a smaller one – a playground, a pool, water slides, a shooting gallery and so on. For older – scooters, water parachutes, beer bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs. Every whim for your money. Oh yeah, even the sea with the sun in the load, so as not to forget.