The Fontanka resort has a great recreational potential. Thanks to the combination of the sea and the steppe, the air in this rest area has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, cardiovascular and nervous system. The natural conditions and climate of the Black Sea contribute to successful climatotherapy. Curative resources in the recreation area Fontanka on the Black Sea – sea air and sea bathing.

Beaches in Fontanka are aimed at lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday on the Black Sea coast, far from the city noise and fuss. Here you can stay with tents, listen to the sea breeze at night, and in the morning meet a delightful dawn.

Another advantage of rest on the beach in Fontanka is that the beach is divided into small bays by stones, you can always retire with your company.

In the Fontanka area, one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers of Ukraine – Riviera is functioning. By voting of visitors, Riviera mall was recognized as the best shopping and entertainment center in Odessa. There everyone can find entertainment for their liking. In addition to various boutiques, the center has bowling, go-karting, a cinema, billiards, leopark and Auchan hypermarket. In June, an entertainment park will open in a parking lot with an amphitheater, a rope park, a swimming pool, a food court and sports grounds to create a unique recreation area for citizens and tourists.