Beach “Dolphin” is certainly not as popular as Langeron or Arcadia. But this does not mean that it is worse. It has its charms – wide beach, beautiful green slopes above it and less intrusive entertainment facilities (although they are also available); measured rest at the Black Sea, lapping waves under the tender rays of the sun. Far away on the horizon in the raid stand trial, and very close to glide through the water goes boats from the nearby yacht club.

“Dolphin” can be reached if at the 5th tram ride to the bus stop “Institute im.Filatova” (Champagne Lane) and then go down the stairs to the sea, past the restaurant “Glechik.” Another option – to hang on one stop to the sanatorium “Magnolia”, where you can use a special elevator and an underground tunnel. Adorned with fabulous mosaic tunnel gallery length of about 200 meters – a bright landmark resort. Familiar characters from childhood , fairytales and pictures in the spirit of socialist realism – a reminder of the times of the USSR. Then the resort was owned by large enterprises “Krayan” and “Stroygidravlika ‘ and workers and their children rested and get heals here. For guests of the resort traveling by the elevator is free (but it works only in the holiday season). “Dolphin” can be reached by own car – easy access to the beach is almost here equipped with parking.

Next to the “Dolphin”, on the French Boulevard, is the body of the Odessa University and student dormitories, so the beach is considered as a beach for young people. Here you can meet the cheerful company, marking the surrender of the session, others can walk around to pass boring lecture, someone basking in the sun.
There is also a place for fans to improve their health and keep fit in the fresh air – a few sports grounds on the way to the beach, next to the track of health. Horizontal bar, parallel bars, wall-bars are especially popular in the summer, but athletes can be seen here in winter. During the warmer months you can watch the training sections of martial arts and boxing. One of the slopes is equipped with a track climbs and descents for lovers of cycling extreme. On the beach there is a net for volleyball.

Like on other beaches, admission is free, but paid services are available: deckchairs, umbrellas, shower. Cold drinks and ice cream is not a problem to find in the nearest trays, there are a few cafes. Nightclub “Taboo” and pop restaurant “Utyesov” with a summer terrace.

Well, that there not forget the needs of all groups of the population – on the beach “Dolphin”, municipal beach is equipped for the disabled. Equipped with the descent-ramp to the sea for people with disabilities, a special changing room and shower. Gentle slope will be convenient for moms with strollers.