The beaches of the Big Fountain are located immediately behind the beach of Arkadia (if you look from the side of the city center). Until recently, from Arcadia you could easily walk, along the sea, to the beaches of the stations of the Big Fountain. But Odessa is expanding and expanding, in particular as a resort city. Every year, on holiday in Odessa on the Black Sea, they come, more and more willing to soak up the seashore. Due to the construction of new boarding houses, hotels and recreation centers along the coastal zone, the passage from Arcadia to the Fontan beaches is temporarily closed.
The name of the Big Fountain is due to the presence of a large number of streams flowing from the catacombs along the entire coast. At present, the shore of the Big Fountain is a wide strip of sandy beaches from the 8th to the 13th stations of the Big Fountain.
Recreation on the Fountain sanatoriums and recreation centers can offer in Odessa, located on the coast. A place quite popular around Odessa residents and guests of the city of Odessa. This is also adjacent to the private sector of Odessa, where many tourists rest by the sea on a holiday in Odessa. The beaches of Odessa in the area of the Big Fountain are sandy, separated by breakwaters.