Day 1

Group meeting at the station, transportation in a comfortable transport;

Sightseeing tour of Odessa (walking and bus tour);

You will visit historic sites and ancient streets of the city: Deribasovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Richelievskaya and Lanzheronovskaya; masterpiece of architecture – Opera and Ballet Theatre, as well as historic buildings, where now  the Archaeological and Naval museums located; after that you will be able to walk through the cozy Primorsky Boulevard, will see the historical building of current City Council, the palace of Earl Vorontsov with a colonnade, a monument to Duke de Richelieu and the famous Potemkin Stairs, the main entrance to the seaside boulevard from the sea. Enjoy a wonderful view overlooking the harbor station and Ekaterininskaya square.

Check-in at the hotel (3-star hotel, double and triple rooms)


Tours with tasting at the N.L. Shustov Cognac Museumа

N.L. Shustov Cognac Museum is located in historical part of Odesa – in the old cellars at Odesa cognac factory. We invite you to learn more about one of the largest Cognac Houses of Ukraine, where experienced specialists will dedicate you to the secret of creating a noble drink and help you to understand the science of tasting.  You will make an unforgettable journey in time and touch the “Angels shares” during the visit the shop  of aging and blending cognac spirits, and we will slightly open the veil of the mystery of the birth of cognac and share the unknown stories of old Odessa. MORE ABOUT TOURS WITH TASTING – HERE.

Free time

Day 2


Excursion to the Catacombs of Odessa

Odessa catacombs are fanned by many mysteries and legends. These are underground passages of various origin and destination. Most of the Odessa catacombs are old mines, quarries (~ 95%) of which mined stone for the construction of the city. Also, the Odessa catacombs include drainage tunnels, “mines” – ancient cellars for various purposes, military bunkers, all kinds of mysterious underground passages and real natural caves. Understand the interweaving of underground cavities of different origin, it is sometimes difficult even to Odessans themselves. Dungeons store interesting traces of bygone eras of city life. And the very presence in the catacombs bears not forgotten impressions. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CATACOMBS – HERE.


1. Since the temperature in the catacombs is year-round 12-14 degrees, it is necessary to have appropriate outerwear and comfortable shoes with you;

2. The entrance to the catacombs in a drunken state is STRONGLY FORBIDDEN!

3. Those who have claustrophobia and/or lygophobia, must warn the guide.

Sea walk on boats (April – October)

Snow-white, comfortable new boats “Pegasus” and “Andromeda” will give you real joy, a feeling of endless freedom, freshness and happiness! MORE ABOUT SEA WALKING – HERE.


Free time

Day 3

Breakfast. Check-out from hotel. Free time.

Group meeting. Transfer to station. Departure.

PRICE – from 4080 UAH (148€) per person


The price includes: accommodation in “3 star hotel” (2 nights), breakfast (2), lunch(2), transportation at the comfortable bus, excursions (4), tasting (1), entrance tickets, group accompaniment services, insurance.

The price does not include: dinners, transport to/ from Odessa, souvenirs