Almost all Bessarabian beauty in one tour: antiquity, wine, cheese….

Group meeting in Odessa, transfer to Shabо

Center of wine culture Shabo, excursion and wine degustation

Tour programs are fun and varied. Everything is breathes history here, everything is inspired by modernity.  Connoisseurs of noble drinks, visiting magnificent ancient objects – the bicentennial Royal, Sherry, two-tier cellars, underground wine vaults, etc., have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of wine and the originality of Shabo terroir. MORE ABOUT THE CENTER OF CULTURE WINE “SHABO” – HERE.

European cheese factory: excursion and tasting of eco-cheeses made in strict compliance with the technologies of the Dutch cheese-makers.

This is a new, modern cheese factory, built according to the European model, in combination of the newest and authentic equipment from Holland, with original Dutch technologies and Ukrainian cheesemakers. Only Dutch live sourdoughs are used, which give the cheese a special originality, texture and delicate cheese flavor. The use of latex and paraffin coating provides the cheese proper maturation, giving him the opportunity to breathe. Cheese factory has a closed production cycle, from the cultivation of feed to the processing of raw milk and the final product – high-quality cheese.


Transfer to the Belgorod – Dnestrovsky

Visiting the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky (Akkerman) fortress, excursion

During its 2500-year existence, the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky has acquired a rich history, has experienced many historical eras, its numerous names indicate frequent movement and population change, but the banks of the fast Dniester have always been densely populated.

The history of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky begins from the end of the 6th century. BC, when people from the Asia Minor city of Miletus on the west bank of the Dniester River founded the city of Ofiussu – Tiru. The remains of the ancient Tyra, located on the site of the present Belgorod-Dniester are a unique monument of history and culture. In the XII century Belgorod is part of the principality of Galicia-Volyn, since 1214 – under the rule of the Hungarian kingdom. At the end of the XIV century the city is part of the Moldavian state and is referred to as Chetatya-Albe. It becomes its main port and capital of the southern provinces of Moldova. By this time, the construction of a powerful fortress, one of the outstanding and interesting monuments of the defensive architecture of the Middle Ages, is completed. The construction of such a fortification was primarily due to political instability in the province. There are various versions about the time of the fortress construction… MORE ABOUT BELGOROD-DNESTROVSKAYA (AKKERMANSKAYA) FORTRESS – HERE.

Transfer to Odessa


Price includes: comfortable transport, excursion (3), escort, degustation (2), entrance tickets, lunch, insurance.
Price not included in the price: souvenirs.